Vallen Systeme – that is the fascination of an internationally successful Acoustic Emission (AE) system provider and technology leader, connected with the culture and tradition of a German-based company.



Our product line comprises small to large size digital multi channel systems, advanced AE software (also for DTA files), analogue front-end modules, AE sensors, and all kind of accessories.

Multi-Channel Systems

allen AMSY-6 is our fully digital multi-channel AE measurement system. It consists of parallel measurement channels and the system front-end software which runs on an external PC. A measurement channel consists of an AE sensor, preamplifier and one channel of an ASIP-2 (dual channel acoustic signal processor)

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Single Channel Systems

Single channel AE systems are a cost-efficient alternative to fully featured AE measurement systems such as the AMSY series. Single channel AE systems are suitable for applications which only require monitoring the peak amplitude of burst AE and / or the average signal level of continuous AE

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Vallen Systeme provides the Vallen AE-Suite Software for data acquisition and data analysis tasks. VisualAE, VisualTR and VisualClass are the data analysis tools of the Vallen AE-Suite Software

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ATEX Products

The Vallen ISAFE3 intrinsically safe acoustic emission equipment is designed and certified for permanent monitoring tasks in hazardous environments with a potential risk of ignition or explosion

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