DÜRR NDT provides ultra-high resolution computed radiography (CR) scanners, new flat panel technology, tailor-made digital imaging software solutions and also X-ray film processors for mobile use plus DÜRR NDT’s unique ‘green’ X-ray chemistry.


Computed Radiography:

Computed Radiography (CR) is the acquisition of a digital image by using a Phosphor Imaging Plate (IP) in place of conventional film. Key advantages of CR include:
– IP‘s are reusable
– No dark room or chemicals required
– Exposure and process times reduced
– Easy work flow and image optimisation with D-Tect software.
– Simple to share and archive digital information.


Portable high resolution CR scanner for all NDT radiography applications - weld inspection, profile images and aerospace

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CR Phantom

Test specimen for easy qualification of Computed Radiography systems according to the latest standards (ISO 16371-1, ASTM E 2445).

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Imaging Plates

The phosphor imaging plates are specifically designed to fit the needs of the nondestructive testing industry, available in different resolutions and formats, up to 35 cm (14") width and virtually unlimited length.

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Direct Digital Radiography:

With the NDT-Panels, a new generation of flat panel detectors becomes available for all applications in NDT. Thanks to the 200 μm pixel pitch, images with an outstanding quality are always delivered. In order to be able to supply for each application the suitable solution, we offer flat detectors in two different sizes. Additionally you can decide between 14 bit and 16 bit. DÜRR NDT offers complete systems and upgrades..


CMOS X-ray detector for ultra-high resolution X-ray inspection and testing – meets aerospace standards!

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DRC 2430 NDT

This extremely robust and waterproof digital detector array (DDA) has been specially developed for maximum portability and the harsh conditions of industrial radiography.

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This high-resolution digital detector array (DDA) has been specially developed to withstand high energies in stationary and mobile applications.

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DRA 3543/4343 NDT

These ultra-light flat panel detectors (digital detector arrays) provide fast image acquisition and advanced features for industrial radiography.

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DRP 2020/4040 NDT

These innovative Flat Panel Detectors (DDA's) for nondestructive testing provide fast and low dose X-ray imaging.

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D-Tect X Software:

D-Tect X provides an optimal and time-saving NDT inspection workflow – the perfect complement to all computed radiography scanners and digital X-ray detectors.

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Conventional Radiography:


Portable automatic X-ray Film Processor with daylight option – X-ray film processing of the highest level.

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Green Special X-ray Chemicals

DÜRR NDT presents a new patented chemistry which works for both manual and automatic film processing, it is free of hazardous goods and works perfectly with all processers and all films irrespective of manufacture.

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